Common Online Immigration scams to watch out in 2020

Looking for an immigration that is safe and fully licensed? With the current scenario of con artists online scammers and hustlers, there is not much hope. These are people who endlessly take advantage of many innocents who want to immigrate to Canada in search of a better standard of living and employment opportunities. The first step to save yourself from such online Canada Immigration scam is to proceed with utmost caution while doling out with your personal details and information to websites that make lofty promises about job security and issuance of PR visa.

These Canada PR Visa scams are very much in operation on the internet these days, thereby duping hopeful clients in to shelling out their money and time. For this, it is necessary for you to be aware on how to spot a scam.

Since the Canadian exercises such a liberal immigration policy, with so many immigrants interested to migrate, owing to the long list of long term benefits the government gives, in a bid to fully support and assist the needs and requirements of newcomers. With so many Canada Immigration consultants designing these scams, it becomes hard to sift out the right one from the fake ones.

Scams on Job Offers

Many of these fake recruitment agencies ask for large cash deposits in a bid to set up your profile, match you with jobs, manage employment contracts and obtain work permits. The illusion of a job promise they create for you, is just the start of an illusion you should be careful of not falling into. Many of them using the existing information of the company to produce fake offers of employment. This has created some major problems for Canadian government.

immigration scam

Many reputed company names are being used in these scams, thus further spreading misinformation. Beware whenever you are being mislead by these companies, you will be asked to pay large sums of cash and undergo telephone based conversations that lead to you receiving false job offers of employment and even fake work permits, that in the future can get you in to trouble with the Canadian immigration authorities.

Always be mindful that simply a job offer won’t do, and it must come along with LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). This assessment carried out by companies is to show that the particular position cannot be filled by a citizen of Canada. Most of these job offers must be accompanied by LMIAs with few exceptions like care providers.

Check Your Eligibility

Bogus Immigration Websites

To spot out the real immigration websites for the dummy ones, here are few things you can watch out for:

• To ensure that it is a secure web page, look out for a small locked icon the left of the address bar or https:// appearing in front of the address.
• The address in the bar should be identical to what you entered
• Research enough on the legitimacy of websites
• Update your browser to filter out illegitimate pages

Above all, ensure that when you apply for Canada PR you only trust a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) who are licensed and are in good standing with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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