Ontario Launches New Program for Overseas Professionals!

The city of Windsor, Ontario is introducing a new program, which is instrumental in getting foreign professional their certification to work in Canada. It is a sixty-five week program, a venture by the Ontario’s provincial government and Canadian federal government.

The significant program for foreign professionals is being offered at the University of Waterloo through the Odette School of Business. Initially, the program was started with a number of twenty-five students. The government expects to increase the number of students to sixty-five for the next term, since the program is now officially approved.

In order to be eligible to attend the program, students are required to hold international degrees. In addition, they should have work experience in accounting, finance or economics. In the course of the program, students may be required to study English, hone their skills in computer and attend university-level business classes. The program ends with written exams. Students would require to appear in exams in order to gain their certification.

The program has already helped many students with international and work experience gain employment in Canada. The Ontario government is now more hopeful to help immigrants find employments. It would help talented and skilled immigrants choose their right career options and get success in the their respective fields!

The new program for foreign professionals is part of Ontario government’s plan to help talented people engage in their fields of interest and find appropriate career opportunities! With the inception of this program, we hope Canada would attract more and more immigrants in search of better opportunities!

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