Ontario PNP NOW Obtainable at Minimum Threshold of Just 300 CRS Points!

Here’s one news report that would make you very happy if you are interested to move to Canada permanently through the Provincial Nominee Programme (Ontario PNP) path!

The well-liked and extensively used Ontario PNP is presently obtainable at a minimum threshold of only 300 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Points. Yes, it is true! As per the information that we have on the subject, the programme is now to be had at a minimum threshold of just 300 CRS points and not 400 as was the case before!

As you know, the nation runs numerous fast-track Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) that offers the prized Permanent Residence (PR), on the basis of their in-demand skills, and the value that they may bring to the economies of the involved Canadian province/territory and the nation.

Ontario PNP is one such programme though it is somewhat different and much more popular. But before we delve deeper into the programme, let’s take a brief look at the province first!

Ontario A Brief Background

Ontario is the most populous Canadian province. Roughly 40% of the people living in the nation reside in this specific region. The province is home to Ottawa, the nation’s Capital City. It also has Toronto the nation’s biggest city and the most important business and financial hub.

While the province is the economic, social, and political heartland of the nation, it is also, beyond a doubt, the most well-liked place in the Maple Leaf Country for new immigrants from across the globe.

It is also the most multicultural province in the nation. As per a report, nearly 50% of the nation’s new immigrants from (hold your breath!) 200 different countries and speaking over 125 languages who have happily settled in the nation, have made Ontario their home.

Ontario PNP 300 CRS Points

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP)

Coming back to the OINP as mentioned earlier it is run and managed by Ontario.

Via the PNPs, the different Canadian provinces and territories are able to nominate people to become Canadian permanent residents, offering them the right to reside and do a job in the nation. Usually, every PNP has its own specific set of unique requirements. While some of them might hunt for those who have studied in the province; others might show their interests in those having an offer of employment, or skills to launch a new venture/business.

Ontario has as many as 10 different PNP streams, and each one welcomes the aspirants having an extremely specific set of skills and experiences. Individuals, having the right set of skills, can get a nomination and a permanent home in the Maple Leaf Country, through the Ontario PNP.

Ontario The Province That Must Be On Your Radar This Year

Significantly, post a very fruitful last year the province has obtained sanction to boost the quotas for the OINP for 2018. While the province accepted 6,000 petitions during the year gone by, for the present year, the OINP has swelled its quota by 600. So, it means this year 6,600 applications are likely to be accepted prior to the end of 2018.

What’s more: now those with as low as 300 points may fight for an invitation (though it is subject to eligibility). So what does it mean? It means Ontario will be the right province to move to permanently using the PNP path this year.


If we talk about the requirements, well, with a view to be qualified for OINP, under the Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream one of the most widely used steams as per the requirements, the applicants must get not less than 300 points under the CRS.

The score must continue to be either at or above 300 through both the Ontario nomination processing stage and at the federal application for the Permanent Residence processing stage. Besides this, the candidates must possess not less than 3 Years of work experience.

Check with your Canada immigration agent for more information and help on the subject! Become a permanent resident in Canada using the popular Ontario PNP path! Make the most of the new development and the decreasing of the minimum CRS threshold!

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