Ontario is a province in Canada. It borders Hudson Bay to the north and the US to the south. It is located in east central Canada. It is the most populated province in the nation, accounting for approximately 40% of Canada citizens. It is a business hub considering that it is home to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city; and Toronto, one of the most populated cities in the nation.

In Ontario, a PNP programme serves as an economic move that seeks to hire the services of skilled and educated immigrants, who have work experience and have the potential to contribute to the economy of the province which is viewed as a platform that offers an economic immigration pathway.

The Ontario PNP usually targets foreign workers and entrepreneurs who are in demand and have the ability to contribute economically to that territory or province. The nominees get Permanent Residence (PR) for themselves and their families

The Ontario PNP immigrations are more or less similar to other provinces.  Through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP), prospective immigrants, with all the necessary requirements targeted by the province, are eligible to make applications. Individuals, who wish to apply for Ontario nominations under the foreign worker streams, should ensure that they have obtained permanent, full time job offers in a skilled occupation.

This specific programme has two processes for the foreign based nominees. These steps include the pre-screen application which is basically for employers only, and the nominee application which is for individuals only. It’s only those employers pre-approved at the pre-screen step, who are allowed to forward nominee applicants for the nominee application.

The employers begin making the applications by submitting the pre-screen applications to the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade. After the Ontario immigrant nominee programme notifies the employers of their already approved positions, employers are given the go ahead to recruit foreign citizens to fill the positions.

The employers receive an approval letter, joint verification form and a prescreen position form from Ontario immigrant nominee program office to send to their nominees. The nominees then are advised to visit the forms and guides page of the provided website to complete and download the nominee application form.

A confirmation of nomination document will then be issued for all the successful nominees who then apply for citizenship and immigration to Ontario for permanent residence. Nominees are required to have met all the outlined requirements set by immigration Canada when requesting for a work permit.

There are no specific tools for a faster approval. Applicants for Canadian work visas under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) enjoy speedy applications. For a faster approval, those applicants, who wish to relocate to Canada under a PNP, should have necessary skills, proper education, pass a language exam for semi or low skilled professions and have sufficient work experience.

The province has arrangements with the national government of the Maple Leaf Country in order to carry-out a prerogative and thorough screening of immigrants applying for jobs under Ontario PNP.

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