Operational Bulletin 173, As Per the Ministerial Instructions!

According to the Ministerial Instructions (MI), the new Operational Bulletin Number 173 has been introduced to elucidate the requirement of evidence for work experience in one or more the occupations mentioned in the National Occupation Classification. This bulletin has been put in to effect immediately.

The Operational Bulletin states that the all the skilled worker applicants under Federal Canada should have at least a year of full time work experience or equivalent in the tenure of the previous 10 years, which is paid. This is not restricted to only one specific occupation that is mentioned in National Occupation Classification. An applicant is permitted to have a combined experience of a year as well in different professions. With this, the Bulletin also demystifies the question of gaps between jobs for the applicants under the SW1 and SW3.

Previously, the eligibility included having a minimum of one year of professional experience which is full time and continuous in a specific profession. However, the amendment made now continues to mandate the same terms for professional experience but with a slight change. The applicant is no more restricted to work in the same profession. He could have worked in different professions continuously for a year and would still be eligible.

Now, the gaps between each employment which are not of long duration would be permitted. For instance, an applicant was employed in a contractual basis and seeks a new job before finishing his tenure. In this case, the candidate would have to join his new job shortly after his contract with his previous employer is over. The short period before joining his employer would be accepted by the Canadian High Commission. However, the occupations in both the cases must be present in the list of the MI. This is specific for both – SW1 and SW3 categories.

Additionally, those applicants who were deemed as ineligible would now be qualifying for the same. A follow – up operational bulletin would be issued for them. This bulletin is still in the process and thus, in the meantime these applicants would have to consult their specific Regional Program Advisor.

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