Opportunity for External Auditor Job in Australia!

A large number of people migrate to Australia every year. Some migrate to this country for their further studies, while some others migrate with a purpose of Australian employment.

If you are also planning to go for Australian immigration, then there are certain very important things that you should be aware of before applying for Australian visa. For instance: right type of visa for you, requirements for the application, conditions for the visa, and obligations in the country.

In recent time, due to the economic growth of this country, many new job opportunities have come up for overseas immigrants. Australia has recently announced its new list of skilled occupations that has added13 more new occupations. The inclusion of these 13 new vocations will now allow more immigrants to this country.

When it comes to the occupation of External Auditor in Australia, there are a lot of things that you should know while applying for this position. Such as: description of the job, qualifications & skills of the applicants and other such important information.

The job of an external auditor includes: designing and operating information, reporting of systems and procedures, and maintaining financial reports for external requirements.

As external audit officer is a senior level managerial post, therefore, similar to other senior managerial occupations, it also requires a skill level equal to a bachelor degree or higher degrees. However, the relevant experience of 5 years may substitute the need for formal qualifications.  In some instances, relevant experience is required in addition to the prescribed qualification.

While applying for Australian skilled immigration, you have to go through a skilled assessment program by the relevant national assessment body of the country. The national assessment authorities for this occupation are: Australian CPA, The Institute of Chartered Accountants and National Institute of Accountants.

There are many skilled occupations in Australia, to practice those you need to be registered or get a license from the local body of that particular state where you want to work in. You can contact the local body of your preferred relevant state to know more about the requirements of registration or licensing.

If you are presently working as an External Auditor in accordance with the Australian Skills Classified Occupation 221211, then you could easily qualify for Australian immigration.

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