Over 1 Million Illegal Migrants in Britain!

A study carried out by Migration Watch UK has found that the United Kingdom is home to over 1 million illegal migrants. The figure is quite shocking as it exceeds nearly double the figure estimated by the government recently. It seems that the previous governmental estimates were fewer when it comes to the illegal entry of overseas migrants and other who overstay their visas, as compared to the current estimates or what it actually appears to be.

As per the recent study, UK’s illegal immigrant population is likely to be 1.1 million. Reason behind the huge figure is the amnesty given to the migrants and as a result of which their relatives and other dependents get the right to enter the nation.

Basically, illegal migrants can be categorized into 4 types- migrants who have entered the nation or being smuggled on the basis of false documents; those who have claimed for refuge, but are being refused and still stay in the nation; people who come with a visa, but overstay the permit (after the visa expires); and children of all the aforementioned people.

According to previous estimate of June 2005 by the Home Office, UK had a total of 430,000 illegal migrants. After this, Migration Watch UK gave an estimation of 670,000, which included the failed refuge seekers who had been in the country and children of illegal migrants. Then, came the estimation given by the London School of Economics last year for the Mayor of London. Based on the figures of 2007, LSE estimated that Britain had about 863,000 illegal migrants.

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