Overseas People Grapple With Difficulties in US Labor Force

In the backdrop of the immigrant populace in the country touching the 40 million mark, of late, integration has becomes a vital and essential component to making certain the quality of life in the US. Even as the overall percentage of individuals staying across the nation–who were born elsewhere, reaches a historic high, registering a jump of close to 13%–unemployment continues to head north and work opportunities, more so for those who were born abroad, continues to shrink further.

Qualified but badly paid

Despite the fact that several people arrive on the US soils looking for improved economic opportunities, and a sizeable number of them come equipped for very specialized work opportunities, strict limits exist as to how many permits may be eventually offered per annum for higher paid openings. That it leaves several people to get involved with low salary jobs, for which they could be over qualified, is no secret. Given the fact that just a limited number of permits are to be had, those keen to shift to the US are likely to have a far superior access to the said permits with the assistance of professionals from the domain.

National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC)

Before the meeting of the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) in Baltimore, MD sometime back, the below given figures were made available:

1.    On an average, the migrants take home close to one-fourth less as compared to their native-born counterparts.
2.    Half of the overseas people do not have care coverage. On the other hand, as much as 84% of all US-born nationals, staying in the US, have some or the other kind of healthcare coverage.
3.    The ownership of close to one-fifth of all small companies is with those who were born outside the territorial jurisdictions of the US, who afterwards shifted.
4.    As much as one-third of all engineers and just below 30% of the entire community of physical scientists, computer scientists, besides statisticians across the US happens to consist of the people from abroad.

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