Overseas Students Regard Student Visa as a Backdoor Entry for Permanent Residence!

According to a recent survey, 24 percent of foreign students studying in Australia regard Student Visa Australia as the first step towards gaining Permanent Residence in Australia. Courtesy the recent amendments in the Australia Immigration system, applicants may find Student Visa as an easy way to gain PR Status in Australia, hence raising the percentage in the upcoming years.

The recent spate of attacks on the Indian students has depleted Australian reputation in a major way, but it is still regarded as one of the safest places to study, as compared to other nations. Overall, applicants think Australia as a multinational society, draped with a fare ambiance which offers a nice study experience.

Overseas students focus on getting quality education from applauded education providers and then go for work experience, which would later help them in their job prospects.

As far as the experiences of Indians are concerned, 9% expressed their dissatisfaction, which was obvious after the attacks made huge news, not in India, but all over the world.

Applicants mainly look for quality of education, better lifestyle, safety and better future prospects while choosing a prospective destination to study. Therefore, Australia gains huge points when it comes to selecting a better country to study and later opt for an option of PR Status.

Prospective applicants are advised to take assistance from an expert Immigration veteran and ease out their application procedures.

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