Oz Finance Minister Speaks Against PM!

Lindsay Tanner, who occupies the portfolio of Australian Finance Minister, went on to challenge the nation’s newly elected Prime Minister Julia Gillard for her stance on immigration. The Prime minister reportedly, dumped Kevin Rudd’s idea of achieving bigger population through migration, who said the nation should not aim at achieving huge population, rather focus on skill-oriented migration.

The Finance Minister recently opposes Julia Gillard’s intention at the Australia Unlimited 2010 Summit, organized by the Global foundation, who said that the nation should consider welcoming more migrants, not less. He also stressed that the natives of the nation should be friendlier to migrants and they must welcome arrivals with open arms in order to discard the unfriendliness. He believes unfriendliness among communities often leads to hatred!

Days after becoming the first woman Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard expressed her intentions regarding immigration. There have been reports that immigration accounts for the biggest share in Australia’s huge population of about 22 million. Analysts’ reports also say that the nation is likely to achieve 36 million by the year 2050. Going by this reports and opposing her predecessor Kevin Rudd’s idea of ‘Big Australia’, the new Prime Minister said that the level of migration would be lowered in the years to come.

It is believed that the Finance Minister’s views on immigration are influenced by nation’s prominent businesses. Many employers are highly concerned about the Prime Minister’s intentions over implementing stricter immigration regulations, because they fear such regulations would make businesses face skill shortages in the future.

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