Pamela Anderson Faced 30 Minutes Interrogation from Indian Immigration!

Pamela Anderson has entered Bigg Boss 4 now. While on her way, she faced plenty of immigration related queries from the Indian officials. The officials at the Mumbai Airport cross-questioned her for thirty long minutes regarding different facets linked with her visa.

She and her manager were held at the airport for that period of time. Reports say that the Immigration authorities were alerted, courtesy the news that was flashed all over the media regarding her presence in the Bigg Boss-4 home. In addition to this, grapevine is in the air that she would go on to make huge amount of money regarding this stay.

In accordance with the new visa regulations, the actress is required to get a work visa for her to work in India. A normal business visa is not ample for her to take part in this show. A business visa is meant for the purpose of attending business meetings and indulging in various seminars of conferences conducted in different countries.

With respect to the new regulations, a person on business visa is not given the authority to earn money or get indulged in any such activity like modeling or acting in a movie or a daily soap, like Pamela is doing.

Reports say that she has to visit the office of the Protector of Immigrants or the Immigration office in Mumbai. In addition to this, she may have to visit the local police station to confirm her residential status in India.

But nothing has been confirmed till any official statement is out.

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