Passport-Free Travel to Australia Not Far: Dutton

Good news for the nationals of Australia!

As per Peter Dutton, the incumbent Australian Home Affairs Minister, travel to Australia without a passport is “very close” with the latest technology enabling the returning nationals of the country to move from their carriers to the airport kerb, minus facing the requirement to show their travel papers to the concerned airport authorities.

As per the minister, the procedure was already being tested at the Canberra airport with a very high success rate (90%).

The available information on the issue shows that Dutton has introduced expansive restructuring of the visa arrangement which may consist of a company designing, installing and operating technology which keeps a watch on the yearly movement of 8.5 million visa petitions.

While the agreement could be valued at billions the minister reportedly stated that he would not stop a firm from China from administering the sensitive security & personal details.

Australia Immigration

Elaborating further on the issue, he reportedly added that the government will follow the usual procurement methods even as there won’t be any discrimination against the firms from China which could be competing.

The minister further stated that Canberra wouldn’t rule against an American company either. The government would look at the bona fides of the individual, the partnership, the syndicate which may have joined hands to put the bid, and then Australia would work through their offer.

Throwing light on the need of the overhaul and the takeover of technology he reportedly pointed-out that it was required against the backdrop of the very high flow of visa petitions which was too high for human control.

Further speaking on the issue, the minister reportedly said that a great deal of the source of pressure was the double-digit growth of the visa petitions from the highly lucrative markets of Indian and China, including the applications submitted for the Tourist and Student Visas.

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