What to Keep In Mind before Filling Application Form for Permanent Residence in Canada?

Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country, is one of the most popular overseas immigration destinations, and it attracts migrants from across the globe–from China to Chile, from Bhutan to Bangladesh, from India to Ireland.

It’s arguably the Number 1 overseas hotspot even as it offers maximum benefits to the migrants and its residents. They enjoy endless work opportunities in 100% safe and secured environment provided by the government.

The nation’s Permanent Residency (PR) is something that attracts all visitors, rightfully so. After all, who won’t love to live permanently in this amazing country and enjoy the many benefits that greet the PR Visa holders?

After grabbing the PR of the nation, it’s the citizenship that attracts the migrants the most, justly so. Acquiring citizenship of this highly developed global economy is indeed a thought that inspires all travelers to the country. The pathway to citizenship starts with submission of application form for permanent residence in Canada.

A person needs to follow certain guidelines that are clearly stated i

n the application form even while there are some crucial points that he should strictly keep in mind and not ignore while filling in the details in the application form. There’s a reason to it. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and other concerned bodies do not accept incomplete or wrongly filled visa applications.

Applying on Paper

If you are applying on paper, then check this out!

  • Incomplete applications are refused
  • Don’t leave any question unattended, if you don’t know the answer, then write “not applicable” in the box.
  • If your answer doesn’t fit in the printed application form, then write a complete answer on a paper.
  • If there is some extra information that you want to bring to the notice of the immigration officials, then write the same on the plain paper, and attach with the application.

Applying Online for permanent residence in Canada

If you are applying online

  • Write answer to all the questions as incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.
  • If you don’t know the answer to the question and no information is provided for assistance, then you should write “not applicable” at the space provided for answer.
  • In case you want to provide some useful information, and there is no adequate space in the form for it, then write your reply on a separate sheet of paper, and upload it into the optional document section of checklist in “my CIC” by adding letter of explanation.

Visa Categories

Application form for permanent residency in Canada can be used and applied for various visa classes.

  • Skilled Immigrant Programme–Through Express Entry 2015, all trained migrants can shift to the Maple Leaf Country by climbing the rope of their skills. The new migration system opens ways for all talented aspirants. There is no requirements whatsoever of any specific or extraordinary talent or education under this specific immigration system. A wishful applicant applies on the basis of his occupied skills and experience till the date. His qualities help him secure a rank in the talent pool from where upon he gets nomination from the concerned Canadian employer or government authorities.
  • Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)–The nation is divided into provinces and territories. An aspiring migrant can seek entry to any of it. His talents and skills may attract nomination from any province or territory easing his route to move to the county under this particular visa and immigration category.
  • Self-employed Programme–A self-employed or an entrepreneur can approach this pathway for grabbing its PR and submit his application form for Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP)–If Montreal fascinates you, then grab the migration opportunity with this pathway and fill the application form online.
  • Sponsorship Programmes–After attaining sponsorship from Canadian residents, the ways for grabbing PR opens up for the migrants.

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