Peter Erlinder – US lawyer Jailed in Rwanda Blames US Embassy!

Peter Erlinder is a lawyer from US who was jailed in a Rwandan prison but was freed on the basis of medical grounds. He states that he gives credit to the America’s Secretary of State as far as his release is concerned but blames the U.S. Embassy because they failed to provide him with proper food and medical facilities while he was spending his time in the jail.

The 62 year lawyer says that his bed used to be in the form of a concrete hard floor. He was not given blanket and was left without any assistance from the US embassy. He also thanked U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for the comments that Rwanda should not take the lawyers into custody, but he went on to criticize the officials of embassy in Kigali and Nairobi, saying that none of them came out with any assistance.

He mockingly said that it became impossible for his embassy to make medical arrangements and provide a doctor to him. Hence, he was bound to take medicines from his captors. On the contrary, a spokesperson in Kigali has confirmed that the US Embassy took proper care of his and had constant touch with his family. In addition, the spokesperson cleared the fact that the embassy provided him with proper food everyday, along with apt medication from his doctors in the US.

Erlinder didn’t elaborate much on his health condition. In addition, there were speculations that he attempted suicide in prison as well. But the concerned person refused to make any comments on the same. Nor that he mentioned anywhere that he feared taking any eating substance from Rwandan authorities, but reports say that implications are in the same direction.

After the medical release, investigations would continue to hold on Erlinder.

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