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The next 2-6 months are extremely crucial for the prospective migrants. Come July 1, 2012, and the new immigration quota for the Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program may be opened up. On the same day, Australia would introduce new selections norms for the general skilled migrants. New Zealand is already having a tried-and-trusted Expression of Interest (EOI) selection process for the skilled professionals. These are the three countries that offer Permanent Resident Visa to qualified applicants, and hence they carry a premium amongst the prospective immigrants. Other programs–like Denmark Green Card, Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program, and Norway Limited Period Visa–are all non-immigrant programs even as they come with their own limitations and benefits.

In the currently prevailing global environment and immigration policies, and with specific reference to Australia, Canada and New Zealand:

a)  Immigrating to a destination of your liking may NO longer be an option available to you.

b)  The selection process for all the three countries may become similar. One will need to get skills/credential assesses, get the desired IELTS score, be listed in open occupation and file under expression on interest process. Australia (starting July 1, 2012) and New Zealand (EOI selection process already implemented) final immigration application can be filed only if and after the initial application gets the interest of a local employer/state/province/government. Otherwise, the application will stay in the application pool, and will lapse after the mandated period (to stay in the pool) is over.  Ottawa has a similar proposal in mind but they are unclear whether or when they will finalize.

c)  If you know the French language, or are open to learning it, we can even file your application under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Remember: while other consultants have started talking about this program only NOW, ABHINAV has been managing Quebec skilled worker applications since the past 10 years! Also remember that even under Quebec process, one can claim language points (both under French & English language) only by offering relevant test results.

d)  But all countries will have limited quotas for immigration of the skilled professionals.

So what should you do?

a)  Start the immigration process immediately by signing up with ABHINAV—India’s oldest and most trusted immigration consulting company, in the business since 1994;

b)  Start with one destination in mind and get going with key requirements (mostly same in all the three destinations);

c)  It is VERY important that you have majority of documents ready within next 2 months (by June end), so that you may have a chance to lodge in the application (whichever country you qualify under) within the limited quota regime.

d)  In July 2012, check – based on your IELTS test score and occupation list and available documents – file for the country that you are most qualified for.

e)  Have Australia as the option Number One—the reason being the country has the most extensive occupation list, followed by Canada and finally New Zealand.

And who else to better suited to guide you on this life-changing decision but ABHINAV! Click here to know why ABHINAV has been immigration consultant of choice of generations since almost 2 decades!

Interested in making a beginning? Send the following, to [email protected], for a free assessment of your profile by none other than Ajay Sharma—the principal consultant, ABHINAV and pioneer of immigration consulting in India. Do it NOW!

•  Your updated resume
•  If married & applicable, spousal resume
•  If applicable, number of children and their age

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