Plans for Constructing New Immigration Removal Center Dropped!

The budget cuts declared by the UK’s new coalition government has led the country to called off its plans of constructing a new immigration detention center. The building of the detention facility was proposed by the Gordon Brown-led Labor government in 2008, which initially was considered a crucial plan in re-structuring the nation’s immigration system.

The immigration detention facility was supposed to be built in the Oxfordshire town in Arncott. The C prison-like facility would have been instrumental in housing failed refuge seekers in the UK. But, the UK’s minister for immigration, Damian Green announced that the plan has been dropped as of now. He is concerned about the anxiety of the local residents of Arncott, since the detention center was supposed to create 500 new jobs. But, construction of an immigration removal facility seems inconvenient at this point of time, thanks to the cuts in budget. The immigration minister, however, did not signal that the proposed project would never happen in anytime in future.

The immigration minister has already made the MP for North Oxforshire aware of the budget cuts, which has affected the plan of building the immigration removal facility. Currently, UK boasts many failed refuge seekers, as well as refuge seekers who have been waiting for the nations’ decision to come whether they would be given a legal status in the UK or not. Many of such asylum seekers are often housed in emergency facilities on temporary basis. Had the plan for constructing the new detention center been realized, it would have helped many failed asylum seekers, since the center was supposed to be home to as many as eight hundred failed refuge claimants.

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