Are You Aware Poland Business Programme Is Best?

Poland Business Programme

Among the numerous business schemes proffered in the market, and run by several top destinations–including the US, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Poland, etc.–the one managed by Poland stands out. The Poland Business Programme not only stands out, it is also, perhaps, the best in the genre.

Poland Business Programme
Poland Business Programme

Poland Business Programme Best

Lately, among the overseas immigration motivated business men/women, European countries are fast gaining popularity and Poland is just one of them.

Poland is a popular European Union (EU) and Schengen member country and located in the heart of Central Europe. Warsaw–the capital city–is a popular tourist destination not only in Europe but the whole world.

As compared to other European destinations, here the cost of living is relatively lower, and also the prevailing real estate prices are comparatively lower. No wonder, a large number of the would-be migrant businessmen head to the destination.

Depending on the specific purpose a formal visa is required to immigrate to the country. If you are an investor, and want to invest in the nation, then you need an Investor Visa. It will allow you to invest a fixed amount–either for a temporary time period or permanently. The Polish Government allows investments in only those projects which are approved by them.

As a temporary resident, an applicant can stay in the country for maximum three years, and can explore the Polish lifestyle and infrastructure, whereas if he wants to settle in the country permanently, then his temporary visa can be converted into permanent visa with a validity period of five years.

Poland Business Programme–How It Is Best?

While you are assured a good economic return on your investment, you are still encouraged to establish a business in Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The reason is no liability on your income tax is imposed; you are further exempted from property tax. Plus, the Polish Government will help you purchase land for your official use at a very low rate, and also give free assistance while the paper formalities are being completed.

Poland Business Programme Advantages

The person who successfully sails through the scheme is greeted with numerous amazing benefits.

  1. He gets free of visa travel to an amazing 27 Schengen nations.
  2. He has the option of residing in Poland–a highly advanced and developed global hotspot located in the center of Europe.
  3. He owns his firm/venture in Europe.
  4. European Funds obtainable to him and his firm/venture.
  5. He gets the prized Permanent Residency (PR) and later the much sought after citizenship of the union.

Poland Business Programme Requirements

Those who are keen to submit an application must:

  1. Be rather experienced in business.
  2. Have good communicative English speaking and writing.
  3. Not have been subjected to any previous Schengen visas refusal or timeouts.
  4. Be well educated, and have reasonably good interpersonal abilities.

Poland Business Programme Process

To come to the hotspot as a business immigrant, the candidates must open a company–either a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or else a Joint stock Company is ideal. Business activities in the country are administered according to the law of July 2, 2004 on the motto of ‘freedom of economic activity’. In terms of capital ratio, the company can be fully owned by a foreigner, complete share could belong to him, or it can be partially owned.

Many people consider business immigration to the country as a golden opportunity to make a strong root here, and become a Polish resident besides achieving many commercial aims. A company formation fetches you a national Visa ‘D’ (business & work). Thereafter, once your company starts making profit and generating job opportunities for the citizens, you can easily apply for the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

With this TRV Visa, you are free from every kind of border restrictions. You can travel to the Schengen member countries for up to three months during the six months duration.

Note: Polish National Visa is granted only to the authorized members of the Board of Directors and not to the share holders.

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