Poland Immigration Not an Easy Affair

In spite of being the fact that Republic of Poland suffered rather badly during the World War II, the country is one of the rare nations in Europe that has been facing the immigration problem. Like many other European countries, Poland also faces the issue of scarcity of skilled workers across various sectors.

To everyone’s surprise, the quite Polish country has the sixth largest economy among the European Union (EU), and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Poland is an eye-catching country for those who wish to live and work in Europe.

Today, Poland Immigration has become relatively difficult. Despite the fact that it may seem rather easy to relocate to the Polish country, in reality the task is pretty complicated, tedious, and lengthy. Visa documentation process requires all the more careful attitude. Without experts guiding one at nearly every step, frankly speaking, it’s not possible to make the cut and find acceptance.

For those who are motivated with Immigration to Poland, they need to know that migrating to this European Country is not an easy task, and if you happen to be a Non-European citizen, then you really have to work very hard to get the prized Polish visa.

But if you happen to be a European Union (EU) citizen, then you may enter the country at your own specific convenience, for a maximum of three months without obtaining any visa. However, for beyond three months, you will have to duly submit an application for a permit.

Since Poland has stringent immigration laws, not many immigration & visa consultants these days are offering their services. But no need to press the panic button! The scenario is soon going to change, for the better. The Migration Policy Department at the Ministry of Interior–the concerned Polish immigration authority in question–is all set to take the initiative to amend the rigid immigration rules and improve the situation on this front.

However, if the country lures you, and you wish to get involved with Poland immigration, you can acquire a permit to live and work in the nation. As mentioned before, the immigration process is rather long and tedious.

There are many ways that can lead you to your desired country and some of the options available for the European country are:

New Employment Avenues

The citizens of some particular countries enjoy the privilege of working in the country for a fixed period of six months. Thereafter, work permit is granted based on the applicants’ particular needs. Non-European citizens may submit their visa application to the Polish counsel based in their native country. In order to acquire a work permit, you will be asked to submit a ‘work promise certificate’, issued by the Polish Labor office.

Poland Permanent Residency

If your dreams are pretty high, and you want to save yourself from the difficult task of acquiring and re-acquiring the permit, you may think of Poland Permanent Residency (PR) which can be later converted into the much cherished Poland citizenship.

To become eligible to acquire Poland Citizenship, it’s mandatory that you lawfully live and work in the country for a minimum of three years, and you should have maintained personal and professional ties with the country. You can also acquire the Poland PR through birth, descent or marriage. But, unlike many other governments of the world, the Polish Government does not recognize dual citizenship.

Higher Education

The country gives a red-carpet welcome to bright minds, and gives them excellent opportunities to settle on its soils once they have successfully completed their studies in the country. It’s quite easy to get a Student Visa. All the more the cost of living in the nation is pretty cheap. Certain provisions allow the applicant to work for at least six months without having to acquire any work visa.

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