PR of Australia Advantages — A Fleeting Glance

Getting the prized and the much sought after (Permanent Residency) PR of Australia is one of the most rewarding situations for a person. The person, who manages to attain this prestigious status, enjoys multiple benefits. Permanent residence allows an individual to study, work and live in the Kangaroo Land. A person, on attaining PR, enjoys almost all the benefits that a citizen enjoys, but with a difference of few advantages. The right to vote is one of the forbidden acts that a PR Visa holder doesn’t enjoy.

PR of Australia

PR of Australia Advantages

There are several benefits that greet the PR Visa holders.

  • Right to social security: It is the responsibility of the Australian Government to provide social security to its entire people. Depending on this fact, all migrants with a PR Visa enjoy the benefits provided by the Human Services (Cent relink).
  • Right to medical benefits: Medicare is one of the most popular health schemes that are enjoyed by the residents of Down Under. In some specific cases, this facility is provided to the migrant via the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement that stands between Oz and another country.
  • Right to education: Private and public schools receive handsome grants from the state government, and this money is spent on the quality of education that is received by all. Even the state universities are backed with these grants. This fosters quality education to the person who has managed to get PR.
  • Right to education loans: HELP is one of the famous education loan programmes. The visa holder enjoys loans and other discounts when he decides to make a move to the Kangaroo Land with the PR Visa.
  • Right to vote: Though the migrant doesn’t enjoy this right, some permanent residents who were enrolled on January 25, 1984 are eligible to vote.
  • Right to apply for citizenship: Seizing the PR is the initial stage of getting the nation’s citizenship. When a person gets PR of Australia, he is eligible to apply for its citizenship.
  • Right to sponsor: The PR Visa holder who enjoys the freedom of living in Down Under can sponsor his dependents and family members. He can invite his partner and other family members to the country upon gaining the PR of Australia.
  • Right to work: A PR Visa holder very much enjoys the right to work in the country. He is free to choose the job and earn his living.
  • Right to travel: The visa holder can travel freely move to and move inside across the country. He does not need any formalities.
  • Right to reapply for visa: He can reapply for his PR of Australia once the limit is over. He can apply this from anywhere and it’s not necessary that he should be present inside the country for doing so.
  • Right to collect more points: Australian visa that is based upon point system allows a person to receive more points depending on his partner’s skills. This is an additional benefit that he enjoys while submitting a petition for PR of Australia.

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