From Single to Married, PR Visa Applicant to Canada PR Visa Holder - Abhinav Stands with you!

From Single to Married, PR Visa Applicant to Canada PR Visa Holder – Abhinav Stands with you!

Here is the latest inspiring client testimony that will touch your heart. Listen to the amazing journey of Abhinav Client from being Single to Married Status, from Visa Applicant to PR Visa Holder.

“Hi, everyone. This is Anuj. Hi. Everyone, this is Dhwani. So we’re really happy to share the news with you that we received our Canada PR visa in September 2022. And this journey started with me contacting Amit. So I received this contact from a friend of mine, and I was really impressed by the way he guided me in the beginning. So I decided to embark on this journey of applying for my PR with Abhinav immigration.

So the case officer assigned to me was Sakshi, and she’s a very sweet and extremely helpful person. So we started out with a single application, with me being a single applicant and the entire process, I could submit my complete application by December 2020. And then there was a delay because of Covid. And above that, there was a change in marital status because we tied a knot. And after that, we had to inform regarding this change of application.

Even at this point, the Canada immigration application became a little complicated. But Sakshi and Amit were like a huge support from the beginning of the application till this change in the application. So with her help, we did that procedure and we required to submit some documents for marriage details for my details, which we were able to submit. And finally, in August 2022, we received our passport request. Sakshi was very helpful and her mails were very particular of what we are supposed to do and which document you were supposed to submit. So thanks a lot, Sakshi, Amit, and thanks a lot of Abhinav immigration. We’re really grateful for your support. Yeah, we’re really grateful. Thank you. Thank you.”.

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