Presenting Petition for US Citizenship? What You Need To Know!

People keen to present submission for US citizenship need to guard against the usual errors which could result in the rejection of their petition. As per an immigration officer, from the concerned US immigration department, i.e., the USCIS, the candidates usually concentrate very much on studying the questions on the test for citizenship.

Many aspirants do not double check the submission, prior to presenting the same. Individuals–planning to submit a submission for the US Citizenship–require looking into a variety of regions, and not only focusing on making preparations for the test.

Making Preparations

It requires to be understood that just sailing through the test is not adequate, but each and every step associated is equally, if not more, crucial. So, it is vital that one follows the below mentioned tips, and makes certain a successful voyage:

  • To begin with, fill up the petition rather minutely, and guarantee that the same is done with a cool and uncluttered mind.
  • Fill the same up in a tidy handwriting so that the concerned officers can read it, without any problems.
  • Use either black or blue ink for filling up the submission, since any other color would not be noticed at the time of being scanned.
  • Double check the filled in form, in case possible, get the same checked by a third individual also.
  • Check if you have duly attached every applicable certificate/paper asked for in a serial, and not in a chaotic manner.
  • Any certificate or paper that is not presented in English ought to have a translated edition in English, so that the concerned executives could read it, without any difficulties.
  • Avoid mentioning any information/detail that is bogus, as the officer handling your case is absolutely free to ask and cross check any information you may have offered in the form. In case it is found that you have presented fake information, your petition will be out rightly dismissed.
  • Paying the right amount is an additional crucial step. You don’t have to give less or more than the sum asked for, and also in the manner it has been requested for. Don’t be bothered about your comfort or convenience at the time of depositing the fee.
  • Strictly follow the laws by thoroughly going through each and every line.
  • At the time of making preparations for the test, guarantee that you are skilled enough in the English language.
  • Avoid mentioning incorrect marital condition. Some people wrongly believe that displaying a single position would improve their state-of-affairs, but it not often does, in case you are wedded in truth.
  • In case you are unable to turn up for the interview, then make certain that you notify the officers well in advance, and not at the very last moment.

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