Prince Edward Island Suspends Immigrant Entrepreneur Program!

Applications are not being accepted now for the Canada Immigrant Entrepreneur program for the province of Prince Edward Island. This has come about as the policies for this particular program are being expected to change. This is the second category under the Provincial Nominee Programs which have been suspended. In 2008, the investor part of the program was suspended.

This program was first introduced in 2001 which brought about thousands of investors to this province. The visa has had a presence which can be termed as being much larger than the Entrepreneur visa stream which managed to cater to only forty three applicants.

According to Allan Campbell, the Innovation Minister for Prince Edward Island, accepting applications have been suspended because a new program is being expected to be launched. However, before the suspension of the program, all the entrepreneurs applying had to invest a minimum of $200,000 so as to set their own business or invest a third in an already existing business.

However, Campbell had lodged certain suggestions to be implemented under the investors as well the entrepreneur programs for Canadian immigration. These suggested changes were brought about almost 7 months back. The minister did not give in the details.

The Minister said that as of now, correspondence has been to the federal minister requesting him to look into what is being proposed. He also said that he is ready to be patient but the sooner these programs are in place, the better it is for immigration. This is because, for the population of Prince Edward Island to grow, immigration is the key.

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