Probationary Citizenship in the UK!

Some of the steps towards a UK citizenship are:

  1. Temporary Citizenship: It lasts for five years
  2. Probationary Citizenship: The period depends upon the behavior and activities of the concerned applicant
  3. Permanent Citizenship: It is also called Full citizenship

In this blog, we will discuss something about the Probationary Citizenship. It is essential for the new applicants applying for the UK citizenship to spend a minimum of 12 months as probationary citizens before applying for a permanent citizenship. The period may extend depending upon the applicant’s behavior. The applicants won’t have the freedom to claim any government benefits during their probationary period.

Recent news coming from the UK immigration industry states lodging of a judicial review in concern with the “Overseas Senior Carer Work Permit Holders,” having gaps in their leave to remain, courtesy Aston Brooke Solicitors. It has been noticed that in a majority of cases, these “gaps” lead to refusals in settlement applications. But it is not justified to refuse the applications on the basis of the “gap” in the continuous stay in the UK.

Aston Brooke Solicitors are initiating a campaign identify applicants who fall under this category. The conference will be held on 7th DECEMBER 2009. Here is the link for the official information:

It is advised that applicants who are planning to apply for the UK citizenship must consult an expert Immigration and Visa veteran to avoid any hassles in their application procedure.

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