Process of UK Immigration for Indians: What’s fueling it?

The United Kingdom is a world famous immigration destination. The beautiful Island Nation is one of the developed nations holding the world’s sixth largest economy. Courtesy its high economic growth, a large number of Indians prefers UK Immigration over any other country.

Due to various reasons, the nation attracts a large number of skilled workers, who move to the hot immigration destination to showcase their expertise, acquire international name and fame, and enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life. Remarkably, for Indians immigrants, the UK is the first choice to study, do business and/or to take up a job.

Employment, Work Conditions

The nation safeguards the right of its workers, through strict employment rules and salary criteria. London, the capital city, is cosmopolitan in nature, and is multi-cultural. It is said to be the best world city. Coming back to the issue of work, every immigrant employee has right to take not less than 4 weeks of paid leave every year and it includes illness pay and maternity/ paternity leaves.

The employer is responsible for the health and safety of its workers. The UK job and work condition is considered as one of the best across the globe. Maybe, this is why a considerably large number of Indians are working in different parts of the nation resulting in many more willing to join, making the destination as the hotspot for Indians.

Why Indians prefer UK Immigration over any other country

  1. The nation is diverse in nature giving warm welcome to every ethnicity irrespective of color caste and creed;
  2. It has limited work hours;
  3. Due to innumerable benefits and friendly environment, a large number of Indians have already migrated to the country, making a way for others to move to the nation and turning the country as second home;
  4. The country gives ample opportunities to Indian immigrants to use their talent and skills and gain social and monetary benefits;
  5. The quality of education and universities is excellent and renowned internationally. Indians by and large being intelligent and hard-working make the most of the facilities offered by the nation.
  6. Once one becomes a permanent citizen, he can live and work in any city of the nation, as per his specific needs and requirements.
  7. The country has always acknowledged the demonstrated professional skills of Indians, and has attracted skilled professionals with handsome pay cheques and social benefits.

UK Immigration Program for Indians

In past, the country has developed several easy-to-follow immigration classes. Broadly stating, the UK Visa procedure for immigrants has been classified into two tier system, i.e., Tier-1 and the Tier-2. Both the tier’s eligibilities are assessed, purely on the basis of point based system. The Tier 1 is meant for the migrants who can directly contribute to nation’s economy, like skilled professionals, investors, business owners, etc. The Tier 2 is meant for trained workers.

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