The processing time for the Entrepreneur visa application

Once you have submitted the application form which has the accurate information the application will be first forwarded the case officer at the earliest. New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Application Processing might a time period of 90 days. During the time of high demand some time it might take four weeks for the application to be allocated.

There are few things that might delay the processing of the application. They are if you have not produced the right supporting documents or evidence to prove that you already have a successful business running in New Zealand. This could be possible when you do not produce the right documents like financial accounts, a certificate of incorporation, and the annual report if New Zealand Company, GST records, other tax records and share holding records.

The New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Application Processing could get delayed when the supporting documents you submit that proves that you are already running a well established business in New Zealand through a reliable or well known professional or independent agency. That is your documents should be produced through a known professional charted accountant or a solicitor.

It is very important to notice that not only you should be able to submit the accurate information but also the right documents that has been processed or attested with the assistance of a good professional knowledgeable person. Otherwise it could delay the whole procedure of the actual processing time of the application.

Missing of certain important documents like birth certificate, financial documents about the business, police certificates, contracts and details of full job and salary and hourly pay rate could also delay the procedure. Other things that might delay the processing of the application are the details of finance sources and funds which are dose not have clear records and unclear existing medical conditions.

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