Professional Business Immigration Agents Can Help You Fulfill Bulgaria Investor Visa Requirements

If you have been planning for Europe, the Bulgaria Business Investment Visa can help you dramatically. Bulgaria Investor Visa Requirements are not at all tough, and with the fulfillment of few terms & conditions, you can easily move to the destination.

Europe is a prime business destination for the global investors on account of the relationship with the western world. For the investors, the veracity of the investment lies with the fact of lucrative returns. In Europe, you are readily guaranteed that.

Bulgaria Investor Visa Requirements
Bulgaria Investor Visa Requirements

Why Bulgaria for Business Investment?

With a lower inflationary pressure of below 5% and credit rating of BB++ by premiere assessment institution–like Standard & Poor, Moody and Finch—Bulgaria comes with a lot of promise for the investors. With the help of the Investor Visa, candidates can easily move to the destination. But, the movement will be dependent on few of the Business Investor Visa Requirements that every applicant must meet.

Take a look at a few of them discussed in this piece!

Requirements of Business Investor Visa to Bulgaria

For getting the visa, you will have to satisfy these requirements:

  1. You must be a non-EU citizen.
  2. You should have a valid passport and other foreign travel documents.
  3. You must reveal specific documents supporting the source and origin of the funds.
  4. Your background must be 100% clean.
  5. You must attach power of attorney & other investment agreements.
  6. You also require mentioning minimum statutory trips to the country.

These are secondary requirements, but as an investor-immigrant, you have to fulfill the primary requirements as well. In the primary requirement category, you need to invest BGN 1 million (EUR 511,292) in government bonds for a period of five years. Once the completion of the five years occurs, you will get the full amount or BGN 1 million (EUR 511,292) with no additional interest. This kind of investment will be guaranteed by government bonds.

Why Availing Professional Immigration Help is Necessary and Beneficial?

As you know, immigration might be a challenge, and having a professional immigration agent will certainly bring dividends for the aspiring immigrant. By having a professional immigration service, you can get the following benefits:

Visa Understanding

Being a business investor, you are focused at bringing the maximum return from the investment. When you have an experienced immigration consultant onboard, it will be simpler and easier to achieve the task in hand. They can easily inform you about the best options in the investment category and accordingly you can pick the visa.


To deal with it would be a real-time challenge. Different documents are sought after and when you have an expert immigration agent, s/he can prepare your file in compliance with the stipulated requirements. By doing this, you can easily gain competence and get easy approval.

You can also discuss the Bulgaria Investor Visa Requirements with the agent. In case you are lagging behind on different fronts, necessary steps could be taken accordingly.

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