The Provisions under Australia Skillselect Visa Subclass 190

Australia is one country that is known for its cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. The lifestyle and the opportunities in Australia allure a lot of immigrants to come reside and work in Australia. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has also made provisions in the migration policy for the skilled manpower to come and become a productive part of the Australia’s economy. Australia SkillSelect Visa Subclass 190 is one such provision for the skilled applicants who receive a nomination by an Australian state or territory. The visa holder under subclass 190 is availed an opportunity to reside and work anywhere in Australia along with certain family members.

For a nomination under skilled visa under subclass 90 the applicant need to first comply with certain eligibility requirements. First and foremost the intending migrant should have attained the pass marks of 60 under the point based SkillSelect program. The applicant should have also been nominated by any of the Australian state or territory government. A benefit of being nominated by a state under Australia SkillSelect Visa Subclass 190 is that the nomination gets preference over other applicants. If an individual files for a state nomination under visa subclass 190, the individual must be willing to settle in the state or territory. The applicant need to make himself available for the state or territory nomination and must indicate this while making the Expression of Intent ‘EOI’. Also, once a nomination is made the intending migrant should meet the obligations as made necessary by the state or the territory. There applicant should –

  • Have received the invitation from SkillSelect
  • Be below 50 years of age at the time of making application
  • Nominate the preferred occupation from the SOL that matches the qualifications and skills
  • Have a positive assessment of the skills from the governing authorities
  • Must have passed the English competency test
  • Must have scored the pass-marks of 60 under SkillSelect
  • Should have had a positive assessment of health and character

Skillselect is the program run by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship that aims to facilitate the visa process. The applicants are first required to declare and EOI ‘Expression of Intent’ to specify their intentions as an intending migrant. This is followed by a declaration by the applicant about the skills, qualifications and the experience. The applicants are also supposed to have a positive assessment of their compatibility with the English language. Most necessarily, the applicants are supposed to make their choice on the Standard Occupation List (SOL). The nomination of the preferred occupation should be made to match the existing skills and academic qualifications. The states are then provided the ranking of the applicants, based on a positive assessment of their candidature.

The government of Australia has made provisions in the migration policy with an intention to suffice the manpower requirements at the industry. The visas under subclass 190 make sure that the most eligible migrants are made available to the state governments to meet the local industry demands.

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