Psychiatrist/ Drug Smuggler in NZ jailed!

A drug smuggler from Nigeria who was employed as a trainee psychiatrist has been taken into policy custody and ordered a jail sentence of 16 years for playing with immigration rules and coming out with fake documents.

Chidozie Emmanuel Onovo, the man in concern, has been accused of charges linked with faking out with work permits and cases associated with fraudulent residency application.

According to Immigration New Zealand, the man in concern came to New Zealand in the year 2009. He was arrested by the New Zealand immigration authorities after he applied for residency in January 2010. Earlier the documents presented by him turned out to be fake.

According to District Health Board, the man qualified as a doctor in Nigeria and no questions have been raised as far as his treatment of patients is concerned. In addition to this, he performed his job responsibilities competently. Now the DHB has confirmed that they are reviewing their procedures.

With this case coming up, the Medical Council is cross checking the documents of other Nigerians who are working as medical professionals in the Land of Kiwis. The documents of other doctors who were in close contact with Onovo are also being reviewed now.

The case of people faking documents to get jobs is NOT something new in New Zealand. Hence, it is always advised to take assistance from a legal Immigration and Visa expert to avoid any problems in future.

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