Are You Qualified for Canada Business Stream Visa for Self-Employed?

Canada offers several kinds of easy-to-get visa options for the candidates from different backgrounds nursing different aspirations. From Student Visas to Work Visas to Business Visas, the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have one or the other visa stream for all.

Do you happen to be a self-employed foreigner who is eager to migrate to Canada? If yes, then submit an application for the Canada Business Class Visa. You will not get a better visa. Yes, that’s 100% correct!

The candidates for Canada Self-employed Visa Class require having the capacity to carry-out any business activity. The same must offer employment to the aspirant himself. The candidate requires having contributions to the athletics & cultural activities in the nation or he must be in a position to procure and run a farm in the country.

Canada Self-employed Visa-Who is Qualified?

Well-known athletes and abled self-employed persons are entitled for this specific visa. Points shall be given on the ground of capability & experience. No terms & conditions whatsoever will be imposed on such a candidate. At the time of calculations, cultural action contributions are awarded also. It is essential that the candidate has adequate funds to support himself and the family making trip or residing in the nation.


It requires be inside a time-frame of five years heading the date of application submission under this particular Canada Visa Stream. It is compulsory that the purpose is established rather clearly at the time of submitting an application for a visa under this specific class. Points shall be offered for age, adaptability, experience, and the capability to handle the country’s official languages. Educational qualifications are also regarded a precious object for the calculation of points.

Bare Minimum Points Needed for Qualification

The aspirant requires to receive not less than 35 points to become qualified for the Business Class Visa for Self-employed. While 20 points shall be given for 2 years of experience, 25 points will be doled-out 3 years experience. Similarly, while 4 years’ experience shall receive 30 points, 5 years’ or more experience will fetch as many as 35 points.

Age Factor Marks

For the calculation of points, age issue from 17 years and 53 years shall be duly mulled over. Points shall be on increased up to 49 years. Post 49 years, the points shall get decreased till 53 years. Those who aged over and above 54 years will not get any points.

Language and adaptability skills shall be given points to get qualified.

Medical, Security and Additional Requirements

The aspirant and his family require having a medical exam. In addition, he also requires receiving police certificates. It is also mandatory that the applicant reveals sufficient funds to support himself and his family in the wake of immigration to Canada.

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