Qualified Nurses in Great Demand in Quebec

Are you a skilled nurse and wish to work in Canada? If YES, here’s a great news report for you! The Canadian province of Quebec requires professionals like you even as the latest Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been duly amended to make it much easier for the trained nurses like you to make the grade, courtesy the scarcity of trained nurses in the region.

Via the Quebec Skilled Worker Program the aspirants are suitably appraised as per a ‘point’s grid’. It gives test points for a variety of skills, abilities, besides aspects. It is essential that the single candidates garner 49 test points, and those with spouses or mates pocket 57 test points to be accepted.

Not more than 16 test points may be proffered for a candidate’s professional training. It will be given in case the aspirant is suitably trained in a priority profession, i.e., wherein there exists a scarcity of qualified nurses in the said region.

16 Test Points Obtainable for Training

Through the previous QSWP, the nursing experts took home 12 test points. Via the latest QSWP, these professionals get a maximum of 16 test points. The pronouncement to improve the nursing skills to 16 test points makes it much easier for these professionals to make the cut through the QSWP, irrespective of the fact that they do not converse in the French language.

French Speaking Applicants Have Edge

Still, since Quebec happens to be the country’s sole French-speaking province, it would definitely be a plus point to know the language and speak in it. The Maple Leaf Country is looking for nurses with several types of skills.

The many nursing organizations of the nation estimate that there will be a requirement of 60,000 nurses in the coming 10 years. These professionals may take home more than 100,000 Canadian Dollars per year, and this includes overtime.

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