Quebec to Accept More Immigrants to the Province in 2012

A recent report revealed that Quebec has announced its new immigration plan for the next year. According to this new Quebec immigration plan, the province will continue to issue more immigration visas, despite the complaints that Quebec is not putting enough effort to integrate newcomers in the province, most of whom don’t have French speaking skills.

Every year, this Canadian province welcomes a huge number of overseas students from every corner of the world. Kathleen Weil, the Quebec Immigration Minister has declared that the province will allow between 51,200 and 53,800 immigrants to Quebec province in 2012. He is also expecting the same amount of immigrants to the province for 2013 and 2014.

She also expressed to the Media that their main purpose is to bring diversity to the province. Further, she said that companies in Quebec can obtain a competitive edge by inviting immigrants from different language backgrounds. Near about 18,900 of future Quebec immigrants are not expected to have French speaking skills.

On the issue of immigration, there is a universal degree of acceptance among the common people of Canada. Still, Quebec, the Prairies and Atlantic Canada leave the rest of the country much behind with their increased level of support for immigration, even while their average surpasses the nation’s support at over 62%.

However, the immigration opponents believe that they should not permit large numbers of immigrants to the province, until they are properly able to get integrated into the French society.

According to the Immigration Plan for 2012, skilled immigrants will also be able take jobs left vacant.  The Canadian government will put efforts to improve the French speaking skills among the skilled worker visa applicants.

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