The Economic and Employment Scenario of Quebec

When it comes to the economic status of Québec, a stable growth can be seen in recent times, which got reflected in the present employment scenario of the province.

However, in the near future, Quebec might have to confront some major demographic challenges. In this situation, immigration is expected to be helpful to cover up all the future challenges.

At present, the labor market of Quebec seems to be quite favorable. However, from a very general point of view, the rate of unemployment remains low in the province.

Currently, some sectors in Quebec such as: finance, business services, scientific research, teaching, social assistance and health care are hiring more personnels, while hiring in the sectors like: construction, agriculture and textiles come down this year as compared to previous year.

Generally, people who wish to immigrate to Québec become concerned about certain things, such as: their employment in the province and whether their education qualification and experience will be helpful in that or not.

However, when an individual get selected by Québec due to his occupational and social profile, it does not necessarily indicate that the person will be able to get employment in the same trade or profession he has experience in, soon after his arrival in the province. In several cases, working in other occupations becomes necessary at least for the initial period.

When it comes to employment opportunities, finding out a satisfactory Quebec job can be little challenging for you, as after landed in Quebec, immediately getting a job is not a very easy task. However, the people with proper information through active search have the best chances of finding a great job in their preferred field. A research done at the Montréal University has found that most immigrants, selected as workers, obtain a job on the basis of their qualifications after 5 years of their admission to Québec.

If you want to know more about Quebec, then you can take the help of Learning about Québec guide, which is a very useful tool, as it helps in easy integration for immigrants into the Quebec society before your arrival in the province and during your initial periods in Quebec. It covers a complete section, dedicated to work and finding a job in the province.

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