Insight into Quebec’s Economy & Employment

The biggest province of Canada, in terms of geographical area, and the second largest province, in terms of population, Quebec is one of the 10 provinces of the ‘Country above the US’, i.e., Canada. Its capital is the beautiful Quebec City.  Boasting of a thriving economy (38th largest in the whole world), this highly industrialized region also has a very developed manufacturing sector, even while it produces several varieties of products for export purposes.

Montreal is its biggest city from commercial point of view, and has many cutting-edge industries from several fields. Quebec is also very rich in the bounties of nature. It’s also rich in the generation of hydro-electricity which it exports to others provinces, besides the US which is located in the immediate neighborhood. The agriculture revenue of the province is also something to talk about and go to town with.

Currently, Quebec is admirably recovering from economic slump which had much aggravated the situation on the employment front earlier. During that phase, many reputed firms had no option except to shift their headquarters from Montreal and take them to other places. However, the situation has improved much, after 10 years or so. Now, thanks to the recently found stability the economy of the province, new jobs are being created. Besides, not only several old firms are returning back to the area, some new firms are also opening their offices in Quebec, in the process, significantly brightening the overall situation on the fronts of economy and employment there.

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