Key Quebec Facts You Must Be Aware Of!

The largest province of Canada, in terms of geographical area, Quebec shares its borders with the US and New Brunswick on the Southeast, Ontario on the Southwest, Hudson Bay on the West and North, and Newfoundland on the Northeast.

Even though this lovely Canadian province is thrice as big as the European nation of France, the density of population of the region is pretty low. Northern Quebec is pretty thinly populated with about 75% of its residents staying close to the shores of the River of Saint Lawrence.

The climate is quite gentle in the south even while the far northern area of the place is bitingly cold. A gentle spring heralds the beginning of the four different seasons of the province. Hot summer succeeds it, and it is followed by a vibrant though rather cold autumn.  The arrival of the winter season sees extreme cold and snow gripping the entire area.

Interestingly, Quebec boasts of several scenic water bodies. Actually, it has more than one million lakes and waterways, with the River of Saint Lawrence — the stunningly beautiful river of the province — almost slicing the province from the west to the east.

Montreal is the largest city of the province. This bilingual city boasts of a unique multicultural environment and it hosts numerous striking cultural events every year. While we are on the subject of Quebec, it would be important to point out that till 2015, the province would welcome 50,000 new migrants every year.

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