Quebec & French Language

Quebec is the largest province of Canada and is unlike from all other states of the country because its official language is French. The link between Quebec & French language is not new to the province. It was established when the French navigators came in the region in 16th century.

After, the arrival of French in the region, the population of French speaking people kept on increasing and in 1977 the language was declared as official language of Quebec. The link between the Quebec & French language cannot be neglected because it shows the historical perspective of the province. However, the French spoken in Quebec is different from the French spoken in France in terms of its accent and pronunciation.

The state of Quebec has introduced a workers program for the immigrants, so qualifies and skilled personals can be attracted into the region. The Quebec workers program is designed to attract as many skilled personnel as possible in order to boost the economy of the region. However, it’s a common misconception that to apply for the Quebec workers program; the applicants have to be fluent in French.

The French language is important for the Quebec workers program, but only the speaking and listening ability of the applicant is tested. The program does not require the applicant to be fluent writers in the language. Moreover, the program also offers the language training sessions for the immigrants, so they can learn and pass the test easily. Apart, from the language training session there are many private organizations, which check the level of language for immigrants.

French is commonly used language in Canada, especially in Quebec region. Therefore, it is important for foreign workers to know to communicate in French, as it will help them a great deal to get better and good paying jobs. The Quebec workers program offer language training sessions for immigrants so they can pass language level of the application process. Proficiency in French language will help the immigrants in becoming the resident of Quebec.

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