Quebec Immigration–A Swift Glance

Quebec Immigration system is simply a points or rank based system, where the candidate will be given points or ranks depending upon his age, qualification, as well as their work experience, training location, etc. The application will be submitted online as well as offline and the intake period will be announced.

The documents with the applications submitted online will be reviewed by the relevant authorities (Quebec Immigration). Then, a notification will be sent by these authorities to the candidates, to furnish the required documents further. Depending on the applicant’s background and the employment, verification is done by these authorities, and at last the Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) will be issued.

The applicant will be restricted to the work and live in the Quebec for a period of two years even as he will be free to move to any part of the Canada. This is to ensure that the concerned Quebec Immigration authorities get all the benefit from issuing the visa for the specific applicant since the candidate or applicant will reside in Quebec for a minimum of two years. The period is decided so that applicant gets to know the culture of Quebec and he makes a handy contribution to its economy for those two years.

Quebec runs its own permanent residence selection (immigration system). This immigration can be done in two types, such as Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Quebec Skilled Worker Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Federal Government

The Federal Government retains the jurisdiction over the issues of the admissibility. That means that even after the province chooses candidates for the purpose of Quebec immigration and allows some persons to become temporary residents, the Canadian authorities can still bar the candidates with regards to the federal non-admissibility provisions.

However, it becomes vital to note that it’s all due to the Quebec’s unique participation in the immigration system, the applicants or candidates who are under the ‘Federal Skilled Workers Programme’, or the ‘Canadian Experience Class’, will not be chosen for the ‘Quebec immigration’ though reaching Quebec immigration is their main goal.

Like the FSWP, an applicant will get simply qualified for PR if he has enough points regarding to age, qualification, etc. The candidate does not necessarily need to own an appointment letter or any ‘sponsorship’.

Quebec Permanent Residence

In case of PR, Quebec runs both ‘skilled workers’, as well as the ‘experience class programmes’. The criteria are quite distinct from the federal counterparts, but the theory is same as that of the Quebec. Only such people are chosen whom it considers can be beneficial to the province. And it allows aspirants to get qualified for being chosen as a ‘Permanent Resident’.

To become a Permanent Resident, the aspirants will have to undergo several tests and interviews and reap the benefits of being a Quebec Permanent Resident through the Quebec Permanent Immigration Programme.

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