Quebec Immigration Easing It For Haitians!

With the Canadian province, Quebec implementing new immigration rules of Haitians, it would become easier for the latter to enter the province! Towards the end of the last month, provincial government announced that it is going to welcome more Haitians immigrants affected by the recent earthquake.

While the Province of Quebec expressed its intention to let more Haitians immigrants come to the province, the federal government is quite reluctant to alter the quota for permanent residents. According to the federal Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Minister, Jason Kenney, if the country increases the quota for permanent residents, as well as alter the definition of family class for immigrants, such steps may have a biased impression on other groups faced with disasters in their native lands. Thus, this is very important for a government to obey the immigration law, even when it attempts to be more flexible!

Quebec, as well as Canadian governments’ action for Haitians and their families in Canada, following the tragic widespread earthquake, where thousands lost lives, many still struggling with the lives, should really be acknowledged! The Canadian government has come up with a number of new rules in order to ease the immigration of Haitians, such as letting temporary Haitian residents to apply for extension of stay without additional fees; fast-tracking the adoption of Haitian orphans to name a few.

With the latest implementation of new rules for Haitian immigrants, it can be said that more and more people from the Caribbean nation would come and start a new life in Canada!

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