Facts about Quebec Labor Market!

Anyone who wishes to foray into the labor market in the Canadian province of Quebec, it is utmost essential for them to learn the basic aspects of the market. We help you earn little knowledge about the same, as it will definitely become handy in preparing yourself to become a worker in the province.

  • Prospective workers in Quebec must possess a minimum of 11 years of schooling for a majority of the jobs available in Quebec.
  • As certain professions are regulated in Quebec, one needs to fulfill specific conditions set by the concerned regulatory body before receiving authorization to practice any of the regulated professions there.
  • To be employed, one must have proficiency- written and spoken- in both English and French.
  • The province is best known for offering all types of employment- full-time, part-time, contractual and temporary.
  • There is ample scope for self-employment in Quebec.
  • Quebec organizations give higher value to employee participation.
  • For the record, in the province, small-and-medium-sized enterprises hire maximum number of workers.
  • Enterprises in Quebec are influenced by certain work ethics, such as greater importance to the compliance with the terms mentioned in a contract than the equation with the employer.
  • The hiring and growth in the profession basically depends on the employee’s skills, performance, capacity to merge with the work team and other accomplishments.
  • Women have a very well standing in the Quebec job market. They have equal participation like men in every trades and professions.
  • Experience really does not matter in determining one’s skills. Thus, young people with fewer years of experience are also considered skilled sometimes.

The above are just an approach to help you have an idea about the Quebec job market. A lot of research is must in order to know the market before you venture into that. An Immigration and Visa Consultant can be your proper guide while preparing yourself for the Quebec labor market. For instant assistance on immigration, you can send your updated resume to [email protected] and get a free-of-charge assessment of your profile.

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