Quebec proclaims to improve pathways to MIDI services for Employers

Following the 29th Aug, 2019 immigration update, Quebec has announced that it will open to 40 new immigration ministry (MIDI) service points that can figuratively enhance the access of businesses and regions.

Immigration Minister – Simon Jolin Barrette on Wednesday announced that this huge development is proposed to add over 100 new staffs, indicating their presence in over 50 cities in the French-speaking province.

This will also see the introduction of 2 new MIDI regional directorates beginning its operations soon, adding to a total of six regional directorates in the province.

Changing of Roles & Responsibilities within the Quebec Immigration Department

The proposed expansion would aid to the establishment of a new position within the immigration department i.e. of a “Regional Immigration Advisor”.

New staff members are allocated with the following tasks:

• Keeping the businesses/firms/companies/employers up-to-date with available financial support and accessibility for temporary and permanent immigration options.
• Processing employer applications.
• Motivating and aiding businesses to use Arrima – Employer Portal.
• Supporting the enhancement of immigrant integration.

Quebec Government Releases Fund to Support Firms

In order to enhance the pathways to MIDI services an investment of CAD $8.3 million is estimated, which is a part of the province’s strategy to contribute CAD $55 million in support of employers who are on the look-out for temporary skilled workers to overcome labor shortage.

Which is evident from 26th Aug, 2019 latest funding announcement by the Labour Minister – Jean Boulet, which embraces CAD $20.9 million to support employers with temporary skilled workers.

Furthermore, the remaining investment of CAD $33.9 million is to be utilized for employment integration programs for immigrant workers. Which will boost the province’s Immigrant and Visible Minority Integration Program (PRIIME) and Internationally Trained Employment Integration Program (IPOP).

These are the recent developments put forth by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ). With the populist government’s intention to curtail it’s 20% immigration as means to welcome newcomers in 2019.

With the no. of French-speaking immigrants falling during the initial phase of 2019 as compared to 2018. Thus, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) proposed its intention to reduce immigration to bring in more newcomers who can quickly gel into the Quebec system.

Check Your Eligibility

Overall, economic newcomers to Quebec fell by a third in the initial half of 2019, with the skilled workers’ number within that category falling by 41%. The unemployment rate in Quebec presently stands at a record-low 4.9%, with the rate of job vacancy at 4.1%, which is the biggest among Canadian provinces. The recent federal government report on job vacancy put the number of Quebec openings at approximately 121,000.

The CAQ announces the proposal for the stable improvement of immigration to 52,500 by 2022, following the 2019 cut. Companies have called on the government to drop the plan to decrease 2019 immigration levels, and raise numbers going forward.

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