Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Requirements

Even if you don’t qualify the Canadian skilled visa program, still you can make it possible to get ample work opportunity and reside in the Canadian region by applying Quebec skilled worker visa program. Quebec, a well known Canadian province, known for having highly competitive and fast life and capable of catering the needs of those come to the province for finding the best work opportunity.

The province of Quebec has its own immigration rule and policy, entirely different from Canada, which is not as difficult as Canada and one can easily satisfy various visa requirements. In other words, the selection procedure of Quebec skilled worker is completely free from tedious steps – to prompt more overseas workers in the region – for fulfilling huge job vacancies.

Indeed, the selection procedure includes many requirements and various other conditions that an applicant needs to qualify successfully.  For qualifying the program, one must be able to demonstrate at least six months of work experience, only then they will be able to file their application.

Getting the relevant information regarding point-system is quite necessary for the intending applicants as it is followed by almost every popular immigration destination and Quebec is not different from such destination. Under the point-system, an applicant needs to score at least 55 points on the basis of several factors that include education, language proficiency, French and English proficiency and many more.

If any applicant fails in scoring the minimum required points, his candidature will be cancelled and will not be allowed to apply for a visa.

Moreover, fulfilling the below listed requirements is quite necessary for the applicants.

a)      The applicants must possess a good academic background

b)      Must be having work experience of at least a six-month

c)      The applicants must have required training skills that will make him valuable in the job market

d)      Language proficiency, the applicants must have good command over English and French language

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