Quick Stats on 457 Visa Applications (2009-2010)

A report by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship affirmed the following statistics concerned with subclass 457 business (long stay) visa program for the year 2009-2010:

  • As compared to the last year, the number of applicants and grants for 457 visa category in November 2009 turns out be 43% lower than the same in the year 2008, but showed an increase of 21 percent high as compared to October 2009.
  • As compared to 55% in 2008-2009, 64.1% of the primary applications granted, were for ASCO Professionals Major Group 2.
  • 23.2% of the primary visa granted gained nominations in Social Assistance Industry and Health Care.
  • Also, 15.6% of the primary Subclass 457 grants hold an association with an Australian, state/territory or local Government sponsor. If the stats are compared to the same span of last year, the figures were 9.1%.
  • End of November, 2009 witnessed 73 000 Subclass 457 primary visa holders in Australia.
  • 26% of the 457 Visas were granted to the UK nationals, while 14% were granted to the Indians and US nationals grabbed 8%.

Other statistics in the report say that the decline in the number of 457 work visa application may be the result of the recently introduced Migration Legislation Amendment. Another reason for this decline may be the introduction of mandatory aspect to obtain a skills assessment for applicants with trade occupations.

Check out more at (http://www.immi.gov.au/media/statistics/pdf/457-stats-state-territory-nov09.pdf)

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