Refugee Reform!

Here are some of the proposed changes brought to the Canadian Refugee program. The main intention of the Bill C-11 is to decrease the already piled up excessive backlog at the Immigration and Refugee Board and hence the amendments are done to speed up the process in greater way.

  • Interviews would replace Personal Information Forms: There are speculations that personal information forms might be removed for ever and the place would be taken by Interviews. The form allows the applicants to demonstrate their life history and their story line till now.
  • Another change that might come is to schedule the date of hearing within 60 days after the applicant goes for the interview. Many critics are regarding it as a drawback as people may not get ample time to prepare further. The applicants may find it extremely hard to cope up with the hurried situation and may find it difficult to arrange for the documents they might need for the hearing process.
  • There are some restrictions that would be implemented on the claimants from “safe country list”. If implemented, these people will not have access to the RAD.
  • Last change has been proposed that those refugees who have been barred from making any further claims would not be allowed to make any further claims on the basis of humanitarian grounds within a span of one year after facing the rejection. In addition, they would be restricted to submit a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) knowing the fact that the refugee who has made the claim has been removed within one year.

For more changes, consult an Immigration expert for more info on the same.

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