Regional New South Wales Need Workers!

While Australia’s politicians in the big cities are saying that the nation is left with no job vacancies, the most populous Australian state, New South Wales still needs a huge number of workers. In the recent annual conference of the National Party, the Nationals’ chief said that various regions of New South Wales require a total of 500,0000 workers altogether.

The chief of the Nationals Party, Andrew Stoner completely opposes his fellow politicians who say that the nation is full, with no requirement of workers. There are still regions in New South Wales that need workers to fill the vacancies. In particular, the regions in the west of the state require more people.

Stoner while revealing the Nationals Party’s population strategy at the conference in Tamworth expressed that his party wants New South Wales gain population by 470,000 over the next twenty-five years. Apart from increasing the population of the regional New South Wales, the strategy also included plans to implement measures like perks, improved services, as well as employment opportunities to make the regions of the state more attractive for living. One such measure is to offer Regional Relocation Grants to those who move from Sydney. He also said that the regional New South Wales wants increased population, but this does not mean that it needs only quantity, quality that is skill as well.

Of late, Australia Prime minister Julia Gillard declared that she does not want a bigger population, through migration, but skilled workers. However, she would not like to see businesses suffering from skill shortages, but, at the same time she does not like the nation’s youth to suffer from unemployment because of the migrants. The solution to the situation of population burden in cities, according to Stoner, is to generate employment opportunities in regional areas of Australia, which would attract people, thereby reducing the stress in big cities.

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