Requirements for Farm Business Investments- MPNP Business Immigration!

In order to take up farm business in Manitoba, its provincial nominee program requires foreign skilled worker to make eligible business investments. Besides, there are farm business activities requirements that the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program expects international foreign workers who intend to invest in the province’s farm industry to meet. Let’s have a look at them.


  • The applicants must invest minimum of 150,000 Canadian Dollars from their personal wealth in Manitoba. The investment should be substantial in nature.
  • Applicants who are making investment into an existing Manitoba farm business, then they must have a stake of minimum 33.33 percent in the business. Else, they should make an equity investment of 1 million Canadian Dollars, in least.
  • Investments into properties like motor vehicles, which would be used for personal commuting are not considered as part of the business investment in Manitoba.
  • Investments into farm businesses whose primary purpose is to deliver passive investment income are not eligible for this category.

Business Activities

  • A farm business should be operating and doing regular business activities in the province of Manitoba.
  • Nominee applicants must be taking active participation in the ongoing management of the farm business, residing inside the province of Manitoba.
  • The farm business must be lawful and that should be practical as per the economic environment of Manitoba.
  • Nominee applicants must possess skills and other resources and skills required by the farm business.
  • Nominee applicants must conduct value-added services in the farm business in Manitoba. And completely abstract activities are not eligible for this program.

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