Right Time To File Your EOI For Australia SkillSelect Visa

Abhinav exactly insists that it is the Right Time To File Your EOI For Australia SkillSelect Visa and you must hurry up before the current year program runs out of available slots. As per the latest updates that we have received some of the trades have already achieved their annual sealing for this current edition and people intending to file for those codes will have to wait for July 2013 when the SOL slot situation will be reset. The professional codes which have achieved annual cap are

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals.

Besides these codes some of the trades are nearing their annual sealing which include

  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals – has already used 500 of the available 540 slots
  • 261399  – Software and Applications Programmers  has extended invites to 4567 people and this leaves barely 593 slots out of maximum of 5160

In the selection round that took place on 22nd April 2013 1052 people were advised (under section 189 federal Independent) to submit substantiations of the claims they had made in their expressions of interest.  The most heartening fact that creates excitement and incites confidence among applicants is that even in this round the minimum cut off score for selection criteria was pitched at 60 marks and infact over 40% of the EOIs advanced to next stage were those which had an exact score of 60 marks. There was noticeable dominance of EOI within the score band of 60 to 70 marks as over 90% of the EOIs were extended invites. This does not however truly indicate at the exact and true situation of EOIs pooled in each trade code, but it does show one thing very clearly that majority of logged EOIs have scores between 60 to 70 marks.

The new system does not work on first in first out basis so this means that if you are intending to fly south then you must immediately File Your EOI For Australia SkillSelect Visa.  You can contact us for competent support in filing your EOI.

In other subsection 125 people have been sent invites under Subsection 489 temporary nomination class.

In other section of nomination class 190 745 people were issued endorsements for visa while in business class Subsection (temporary) – 188, 155 people were selected by various provinces and 5 people were selected for Subsection 132.

Hurry up contact us for using the opportunity of Right Time To File File Your EOI For Australia SkillSelect Visa.

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