Right Time for Australian Immigration Application

As SKillSelect advances into the second year of functioning, more encouraging news are flowing in from DIAC, as the number of applications placed has rapidly risen. For some of the professions there is an overwhelming number of requests being registered, which include.

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals.
  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals.
  • 261399 – Software and Applications Programmers

Seeing the overwhelming response in the above mentioned classes, the government has henceforth decided that selection of profiles for next step of

In the selection round of September 02, 2013 the minimum threshold for each of these occupational codes were as follows

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers was fixed 75 marks
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts was fixed 75 marks
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers was fixed 65 marks
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals was fixed 75 marks
  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals. was fixed 75 marks
  • 261399 – Software and Applications Programmers was fixed 65 marks

In an overall short listing performance the minimum cut-off mark was established at

  • 60 for subclass 189 federal independent
  • 60 for subclass 489 provisional nomination

In the section 189 921 people were advanced to the next round of application processing while 41 people were issued advisory for the next round of the selection. 91% of the people selected under section 189 had score between 60 and 70 and all of 41 people advanced to next round of selection process under section 489 had scores between 60 and 65.

Although, the short listing of people as per marks does not accurately indicate correctly at the trade pool, because the minimum threshold mark depends on the availability of the profiles in the specific trade pools, but the overall the mark band (between 60 and 80) does indicate approachability for SKillSelect Immigration.

As far as the provincial nomination classes for skills and business migration are concerned, the selection does indicate at the positive aspect. In July 2013 different provincial governments selected

  1. Under skills migration
    • 1484 people for section 190 permanent
    • 152 people for section 489 provisional
  2. Under business migration
    • 145 people for section 188 provisional
    • 23 people for section 1362 permanent

As per the recent SKillSelect Update – Right Time for Australia Immigration Application is right there in horizon.

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