Right Time for Your Australia Immigration Application

If you do not believe in fate can do wonders to your life, then you surely would believe in the opportunities bought forth by the skilled and business migration schemes of Australia Immigration. The SKillSelect platform has had a successful stint since its launch in 2012 July. The Aussie visa system is on the roll, and the authorities are sitting on the vantage point. They are enjoying each aspect of flexibility offered by this wonderful and intelligent platform. Till now, the authorities have picked up over 25000 profiles for next round of selection round for different visa classifications.

As per the recent updates, i.e. in the short listing round held on March 10, 2014 950 people were sent advisory for the next phase of selection round, while 25 profiles were identified and shortlisted for the final phase of request processing. The trends generated by this round positively indicate at one fact that this is the Right Time for Your Australia Immigration Application. The figures of shortlisted profiles are quite encouraging for the aspirants waiting for the exact moment for pushing their migration request through.

In this round, the minimum selection cut-off was pitched at 60 marks. Like all the previous rounds over 94% of the profiles selected has scores between 60 and 70 marks, and barely 5% of selected profiles had scores between 75 and 85.

The lower qualification parameter for some of the occupations was pitched at a higher level, i.e. 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers, 233411 – Electronics Engineers, 261111 – ICT Business and Systems Analysts, 261399 – Software and Applications Programmers, 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals, 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals

The minimum cut-off for subsection 489 – provincial nomination temporary visa class was fixed at 65. Although, these figures do not in any way reflect the true situation in each of individual trade pools, but the trends are encouraging enough.

Besides the selection of profiles for federal routes by the authorities, the provincial governments also participated in the Australia Immigration Application selection rounds. Different Australian provinces selected over 900 people for the section 190 provincial nomination permanent class and almost 200 people for section 489 provincial nomination temporary class. Similarly, over 180 people were shortlisted for different business migration classifications, i.e. section 132 business talent (permanent) and section 188 (business innovation and investment).

If you have been planning to push your request through, then we would suggest that you approach us and start preparing for the Aussie migration process.

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