Right Time to File Your EOI on Australia SkillSelect

Yes this the Right Time To File Your Expression Of Interest On Australia SkillSelect. All the fear of high scoring expression of interests dominating the SkillSelect have been proven unfounded as the consecutive selection rounds have clearly indicated quite contrary to what most people feared.

In the previous selection process that was carried out on April 01, 2013 returned more than favorable figures for the people who are still thinking of creating their profiles on SkillSelect but have not yet taken any concrete step in this direction.

In the round of April 01, 2013 823 profiles were selected and the people were extended invitations for filing of next phase application that involves submissions of the substantiations of professional practice and employment exposure, academic accomplishments and other necessary desired documents and declarations made during the EOI creation process. Remember that EOI forms part of application and you must exercise extreme caution in while submitting information and not provide any unsolicited data which does not have any documentary proof. Not adhering to this obligation will result in cancellation of invitation extended to you. You can contact us for assistance in creation of you Expression of Interest on Australia SkillSelect.

Out of the 823 EOIs selected for next phase in class 189 federal independent almost 93% were in 60-70 band score with EOIs scoring 60 clearly domination the scenario with almost 450 invitations. Surprisingly EOIs over 70 merely counted around 50. Although this data does not however represent the true figure of trade code-wise data and the selection parameters select EOI’s separately from each trade code pool.

50 of Subclass EOIs were also extended invitations for next round. Minimum cutoff scores for this class were also pitched at 60 marks.

In the provincial nomination class 190 991 people were sent advisory for next rounds of application process. The number of provincial nominations for business is also rising and this time in March 2013 rounds 155 people were sent invites under Subclass 188 visa while 5 people in subclass 132 were advanced to next stage.

On an overall over 15000 people have been advised to submit documents for next phase of subclass 189 independent visa till the April 1, 2013 round, while over 5401 EOIs have been shortlisted for next round under subclass 190.

We would advise you that this is the Right Time to File Your Expression of Interest on Australia SkillSelect. Hurry up before all the available slots run out of places in current year program.

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