Now is the right time to start your Immigration Process!!


  • The times we face are uncertain and, as some say, a once in a century phenomenon.
  • IELTS dates are not available right now, neither is ECA from bodies like WES. Procuring transcripts from universities may take more time than normal.
  • Rising unemployment is a global trend.

Now, consider these facts in light of the following information:

  • Undergoing an IELTS examination and Educational Credential Assessment are just two of the key requirements for the immigration process. Besides, comprehensive documentation is required to prepare the file for submission. This can take weeks, or months. Use this interim period to lodge your profile in the pool. This profile can be updated as and when the remaining documents are obtained.
  • The government has already announced that the economy will start opening up in phases and in a segregated manner over the next few weeks. It is only a matter of time before Language Test dates will be available. Universities and assessing bodies will soon start accepting applications for processing as well.
  • Keep in mind that you do not have to fly out tomorrow. Lodging your application in the pool itself may take 4-6 months, while processing can take another 8-15 months (depending on date of receiving the Invitation to Apply). The PR Visa is typically valid for at least one year from the date of your medical examination, which allows a period of another 8-9 months before having to enter the destination country. So, successful applicants have a choice of landing in Canada in mid or late 2022. By then, the clouds of recession would have long passed, as global stimulus would have revived economies and employment rates.
  • Conducting the application process digitally – from beginning to end – is going to be the new normal in the post-COVID world, where one would prefer to only undertake essential travel and meetings. Thus, starting the process now, as opposed to a few weeks from now, does not make a difference.
  • The residents and citizens of developed economies are much better placed during calamities like COVID-19. Please review our information sheet, “Fight against Covid-19”, available on our resources page These countries, which are also the world’s prime immigration destinations, are facing far fewer uncertainties than developing economies – specially in terms of business sustainability, livelihood, job security, financial stability, child education, healthcare, etc. In fact, the relief measures provided by these countries have made the case for making an immediate application for permanent residence stronger than ever before.

Immigration Process

It is anticipated that one of the outcomes of this crisis will be a surge in immigration levels, as developing countries will liberally invite foreign workers to replenish their workforce. The question remains whether you should take the first step today and prepare yourself in advance, or join the rush of applications in few weeks, when all organizations are fully operational and application pools are saturated.

As a company in business since 1994, we have perfected the art of beginning to end digital servicing over the past two decades. With highly advanced all-encompassing IT facilities, the need to visit our offices for any specific service is minimal or NIL (of course, you are welcome to visit us any time ). Since we are one of the very few licensed Immigration consultants in India (, you can be assured of the trust, credibility and experience that our brand has been built on.

Importantly, we are also creating innovative customized solutions for clients facing the dilemma of having a low CRS score, or struggling to meet the eligibility requirements. Our highly motivated team of immigration specialists is available on all audio-visual platforms like Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom. These consultants are well-equipped to provide 360 degree guidance for:

  • Skilled immigration pathways (with special emphasis on Canada Express Entry and PNP, overseas education, owner operator programs, Australia General Skilled Migration visas, Hong Kong – QMAS, etc.). To schedule an online counselling session, please visit or
  • All Business and Investor immigration pathways, and Citizenship by Investment programs (With expertise in Start-Up Visas, Entrepreneur Streams, investment-based immigration, Self-Employed Programs – for Canada, Australia, US, UK, NZ, Europe, Caribbean, etc.). To schedule an online counselling session, please visit
  • Overseas education destinations and study visa pathways for Canada, Australia, US, UK, Germany, NZ and many more countries. To schedule an online counselling session, please visit

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to helping you safeguard your family’s future by providing authentic immigration consultancy services to you and your dear ones.

Wishes for your good health and safety.

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