Rules to Obtain Canadian Citizenship to Become Harder

In a somewhat significant development–which though may not be music to the ears of many–the current immigration minister of Canada has reportedly declared that all those who wish to get citizenship ought to know that the walk towards the same may not be that easier in the future. Laws have been made tougher to discourage the alleged charlatans from gaining the citizenship and abusing it. Reportedly, some improvements have been introduced in Bill C-24.

Making Laws Tough

The proposal is to boost the expenses of citizenship by as much as 300%. There is also a proposal to make the fines tougher. Visa advisor’s job would also become relatively tougher. As per Chris Alexander, the minister, the government is certain that the modifications mirror the expectations of the nationals—a structure that reveals the freedom of gaining Canadian Citizenship, at the same time, safeguarding the same from exploitation. Alexander stressed that citizenship is not a right but a freedom, adding he wants the new entrants to blend and effortlessly become a part of the national culture.

Conditions for Gaining Citizenship

A candidate should live in the nation for four out of six years even as he should be physically there for 183 days per annum. Until and unless a candidate caters to the said prerequisites, he would not be motivated to submit a petition. In the given time-frame, it is vital that an aspirant files income tax returns.

Temporary overseas employees and global students would not be permitted to count the time of stay, prior to they gained permanent residency (PR) position. Besides, an out-of-the-ordinary benefit would be provided to the kids of war brides by regarding them lost nationals. Citizens would be asked to take an oath for residing back in the Maple Leaf Country, and they would be proffered sufficient mobility. However, no one would have the right to abuse the advantage.

Positive Reception

There are many who opine that the modifications would prove helpful for those who have been waiting since long to know about their fortune in the court rooms. Those serving in the nation’s armed forces would also gain a benefit since there is an extraordinary condition of fast-track citizenship.


The bill does not cover some crucial matters, like; for instance, it does not mention if there is any provision of individuals gaining citizenship, via birth. It also does not say what would be the fate of the pregnant visitors arriving in the nation.

The goal of the concerned act is to make certain that no one takes unwarranted benefit of becoming the citizen of the Maple Leaf Country. Allegedly, since many cases of widespread scams & frauds have been reported before, harsh steps are adopted to check the exploitation, and the foreigners ought to respect the country’s culture.

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